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Polypropylene ropes & Manila ropes 3 Strand
    3mm x 200 mtrs to 38mm x 200 mtrs

PP Cargo & Gangway nets
    10’ x 10’ x 100mm Mesh, 12mm BODY, 16mm Border
    10’ x 10’ x 150mm Mesh, 12mm BODY, 16mm Border
    16mtr x 4mtr, 8mm Body, Side 10mm
    2.5mtr x 5mtr, 8mm Body, Side 10mm
    5mtr x 10mtr, 8mm Body, Side 10mm

PP Mooring Ropes 8 Strand
    38mm x 220mtrs to 125mm x 220mtrs

Cargo Securing Systems
    Load Binders Lever Type ½” x 4.0 ton
    Load Binders Lever Type 3/8” x 2.4 ton
    Cargo lashing Ratchet Type, Marline Leek UK, 3” x 10 ton
    Nylon Webbing slings 1” to 10”, max cap 8 ton, Duplex

Galv. Steel Wire Ropes
    12mm to 38mm x 6x24 +7FC (220 mtr & 1000ft lengths)
    12mm x 38mm x 6x37+ FC (220 mtr & 1000ft lengths)

Galv. & SS Link Chains, Galv. & SS D Shackles & Wire Rope Clips
    4mm to 20mm Dia x 1mtr
    D Shackles from 1/8” to 2”
    Wire Rope Clips from 1/8” to 3”

Compressed Gasket Sheets & Wire Reinforced jointing sheets 5’x5’
    0.5mm to 4mm x 1mtr
    High Temperature Graphite sheet with Steel wire & SS wire Insert, 2mm to 5mm, up to 550 Deg C

SS Karabiner Clips, Germany
    Original, Ring Type & Lockable type


Gland Packing, Klinger
    Pure PTFE Gland Packing
    Pure Graphite Gland Packing
    PTFE & Asbestos Gland Packing
    Graphite & Asbestos Gland Packing
    Cotton Square Gland Packing
    Graphite with Wire Gland Packing

Magnetic tools, Nobo Japan.
    Adhesive Magnetic Tapes ½” & ¾” x 6mtr Roll
    Strong Hand Magnet
    Horse Shoe Magnet
    Magnetic Plate Lifter

Oil Measuring Tapes & Water and Oil Finding Pastes, Bandmab.
    SS Oil Measuring Tapes with Brass Bobs 10mtr, 20mtr, 30mtr
    Carbon Steel Oil Measuring Tapes with Brass Bobs 10mtr, 20mtr, 30mtr
    Non Spark Oil Measuring Tapes with Brass Bobs 10mtr, 20mtr, 30mtr
    White Oil Measuring Tapes with Brass Bobs 10mtr, 20mtr, 30mtr
    Water Finding Pastes & Oil Finding Pastes
    Modified Water & Oil Finding Pastes

Pressure Gauges, Engine Exhaust Pyrometers, Hygrometers, Hydrometers & Thermometers
    50 Deg C – 650 Deg C
    Liquid filled
    Bottom Connection & Back Connection
    Brass connection & SS Connection
    Copper Case Scoop Thermometers Brannan
    Petrol Hydrometer & Seawater Hydrometer
    Dial Type Hygrometer

Non-fatigue hand & deck wire brushes, tube brushes, Lessmann
    STEEL, BRASS & COPPER 6 Row hand wire brush with Strap & without strap
    Steel, Brass, Copper & Nylon Tube Brushes from 5mm to 200mm with adjustable Extension Handles
    Cup Wire Brushes
    Wheel Wire Brushes


Graphite pastes, powders & Flakes, Holland
    1000 Grm & 500 Grm

Acrylic Gauge Tubing & Round Bars, Germany
    6mm ID to 300mm OD x 2mtrs

Teflon Round Bars
    20mm to 300mm x 1mtr, 1 ft

Nylon & Teflon sheets
    0.5mm to 50mm x 1mtr x 1mtr

Brass Shims
    0.1mm to 0.787mm x 6” x 100”, 12” x 120”

Brass Round Bars
    10mm to 75mm x 1mtr

Copper Wool Filters
    5kg Coil & 10 kg Coil

Wooden pulley blocks
    4” to 8” Double & Single

Steel Snatch Blocks & Container Twist Lock Fittings.
    2” to 12” Sheave, max cap 25 ton

Wire Mesh
    Stainless Steel 120 x 120 Mesh to 2 x 2 Mesh
    Brass 120 x 120 Mesh to 2 x 2 Mesh
    Copper 120 x 120 Mesh to 2 x 2 Mesh

Zinc & Lead Ingots, Anodes, Rods, Plates, Wires & Blocks

    Zinc Ingots 2.0kg, 3.2kg, 4.5kg, 5.5kg, 10.5kg Weld Type & Bolt Type
    Zinc 10mm to 100mm Round Bars
    Zinc 5mm to 25mm plates
    Lead Ingots 22kg Bar
    Lead Weights 1.5 Kg to 4.0 Kg


Rubber non-slip insulated matting & Sheets, Thailand
    Green Rubber Matting with Horizontal Grooves 3mm x 10 mtrs
    Black Rubber Matting with Horizontal Grooves 3mm x 10 mtrs
    Rubber Sheets 1.5mm to 12mm
    NEOPRENE Rubber Sheets 2mm to 12mm x 1 mtr

    All Cotton Full Sleeve & Half Sleeve
    Disposable White Coveralls

Working Gloves
    Red Cuff 11oz
    White Cuff 11oz
    Blue knitted & Dotted Gloves
    Leather Working Gloves
    Underwater Welding Gloves
    Welding Gloves

Work Hammers
    Brass Hammer
    Copper Hammer
    Lead Hammer
    Steel Hammer
    Chipping Hammers
    Ball Pein hammer

Marine Flags
    National Flags of All Countries
    Shipping Code Flags



Marine Lubricants, Pastes & Epoxy, Cordobond, Molyslip, Molykote, Carborundum, Kolor Kut, Gojo,     Swarfega.

    Resin & Activator Strongback
    Steel Putty
    Leveling Compound
    Sealer & Activator Strongback
    Red Putty
    DC4 Silicon Compound
    Copaslip Antiseize Compound
    Interzone Underwater Epoxy
    Gojo Hand Cleaner
    Swarfega Hand Cleaner
    Grinding Pastes
    Lapping Compounds
    Water Finding Pastes & Oil Finding Pastes
    Heavy Duty Degreaser
    Heavy Duty Rust Remover


Underwater Welding, Cutting & Diving Products, BROCO, ARCAIR, VICTOR.
    BROCO Underwater Welding Electrodes
    BROCO Underwater Cutting Electrodes
    ARCAIR Underwater welding electrodes 5/32” x 100 pcs. box
    Arcair Welding Stinger
    Broco Welding Stinger
    Interzone Splashzone Underwater Epoxy
    Broco Spare Kit
    VICTOR Journeyman Kits
    Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Marine Light Torch, Brightstar.
    2 cell Safety torch
    2 cell Industrial torch
    3 cell Safety Torch
    3 cell Industrial Torch
    6V safety Lantern
    Navigation Lights


Portable Industrial Ventilation Fans
3M Marine Cleaning Products
Oil Measuring Cans, Plastic & Galv.
Bahco Adjustable Spanner
Marine Plywood 4’ x 8’
Life Boat Hooks with Handles
Life Jackets
Safety Harness
Insulation Foam Sheet & Adhesive Foam Tape
Deck Knives
Rubicon Screwdrivers
Emery Papers, Tapes & Rolls
Valve Grinding Sticks
Arcair Thermadyne Cutting & Welding Products
Socket Set ¾” Sq. Drv. 6 to 24mm
Socket Set ½” Sq. Drv. 10 to 32mm
Steel & Fiber Measuring Tapes 3mtr, 5mtr, 10mtr.
Rubber O Ring Kits
Rubber O Ring Cords
Copper Ring Kits 568 Assorted Sizes & 250 Assorted Sizes
Sail Makers Needles
Welding Electrodes Screw Type & Plier Types
Interzone Splashzone protection epoxy
Underwater ship maintenance products
General diving accessories
Underwater hull maintenance & propeller polishing products
Duct tapes
Safety Goggles
Underwater Light Sticks
Dual banana plugs
Underwater welding gloves
Bungee cord & shocker hooks
Communications cable
Pipe pit gauge
SS Feeler gauge

Please note this is just a brief list of our products & our inventory is in constant review with new products being added on a regular basis.


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