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Patented in 1978, the Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Systems was developed in 1975 by men who understood the needs and requirements of the working diver. Since then, Broco’s Engineers have been constantly refining the torch and rods, making subtle changes to ensure optimum cutting performance and maximum safety under all conditions.

This is why more cutting offshore is done with Broco than with all of our competitors products combined.

Cut sheetpile, remove tubular supports or trim damaged hull plates. Slag free gouging means easy weld removable and edge preparation. ANU (Approved for Navy Use) designated and featured in the U.S. Navy’s “Underwater Cutting & Welding” Manuals; The Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Systems is used by navies around the world.

“The Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting system is the Ultimate Cutting Tool”.




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Akbar Traders LLC. is the largest Authorized Distributors for the entire range of BROCO Underwater cutting products in the Middle East with well over 50000 pieces of BROCO U/W Cutting Rods 3/8” dia always maintained as ready stock all year round.

The BROCO Ultra-Thermic cutting rod and the revolutionary Oxy-Arc cutting torch are the most sophisticated underwater cutting tools on the market today. Adopted by the U.S. NAVY, they are featured in the U.S. Navy Underwater cutting & welding Manual.

The BROCO torch & rod are favoured by divers worldwide,the cutting rods produce surprisingly fast cutting speeds. While high production capability saves bottom time & money. The ability to cut all types of material makes the BROCO cutting Rod & torch the ultimate answer to all your cutting needs.


  • Broco Underwater Oxy-Arc cutting torch BR-22
  • Broco Underwater Cutting rods 3/8” x 25 Lbs
  • Broco Underwater welding electrodes 1/8” x 25Lbs
  • Broco Underwater welding electrodes 5/32” x 25Lbs
  • Broco Underwater welding electrodes 3/16” x 25Lbs
  • Broco Repair kit for BR-22 torch
  • Broco collet 3/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”
  • Broco welding stingers BR-20 & BR-21
  • Broco Knife Switch 400 amps single pole 250V
  • Broco Valve stem Washer UW117
  • Broco Compression Washer UW 105
  • Broco torch BR-22 nut UW104
  • Broco Flash Arrester Brass UW 107
  • Broco Coupler Assembly UW111
  • Broco Control valve nut UW 115
  • Broco O ring UW 116
  • Broco Nylon Screw UW 121
  • Broco Nylon Nut UW122
  • Broco Collet Washer UW 123
  • Broco Body Control valve UW113
  • Broco control valve rubber gasket UW118
  • Broco valve stem brass UW110
  • Broco control valve spring UW 114
  • Broco Torch Head & cable set UW 103 / 112
  • Broco Copper Screw for BR-21 Part no.2105
  • Broco Hi Flow Oxygen Regulator

Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods

Burning in excess of 10,000° Fahrenheit at the tip, Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods cut or melt virtually any known material.
Broco‘s patented rod design features alloy core wires retained by a series of circular crimps. Recessing these internal wires on the torch end of the rods prevents burn back into the torch, making Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods the safest on the market.
Ultrathermic Cutting Rods can be bent 90 degrees or more to access hard to reach places, without restricting oxygen flow or causing the insulation to split or flake off.
Although they can be used with a maximum of 150 amps, Ultrthermic Cutting Rods have no electrical requirement. Once ignited, they will continue to burn as long as oxygen is supplied or until the rod is consumed.
Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods are available in 3/8 inch diameter to suit the diver’s job requirement. Standard length is 18 inches.
Cut, Pierce or gouge underwater, safer, faster and with lower operating costs by using Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods.

BR-22 Cutting Torch

The BR-22 Cutting Torch is ergonomically designed for divers comfort and to reduce fatigue.
The torch is constructed from durable high impact and corrosion resistant materials. All the metal parts are brass.
The non-conductive flexible coupler joining the oxygen control valve to the head is a key safety feature, unique in design and found only in the Broco torch. All the connections are threaded for easy maintenance (spare parts & kits are available).
The solid brass flash arrestor with internal filters screen protects the divers and torch without restricting oxygen flow.
The large collet nut is knurled to assure the divers of a solid grasp. Acme threads prevent binding from mud or other debris, insuring quick, reliable rod insertion and retention.
The BR-22 Cutting Torch has been built to deliver years of trouble free performance at minimum cost. The Ultimate Value.


SofTouch Wet Welding Electrodes

Broco Underwater’s SofTouch electrodes produce wet welds that meet or exceed AWS D3.6-83/89 in all positions (flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead). SofTouch mild steel is available in 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch diameters. SofTouch Wet Welding Electrodes are sealed in a mil-spec foil pouch to prevent contamination. The electrodes are the packed in a rigid resealable plastic tube which provides maximum protection. Material safety Data sheet and operating guidelines are printed on the label.

BR-20 Welding Stinger

The BR-20 Welding Stinger is designed to hold the electrodes at the optimum angle to the weld piece, delivering quality weld while reducing operator fatigue. Lightweight and durable, the handle and head are made of high impact thermoplastic. All internal components are brass. The BR-20 will last for literally hundreds of arc hours without experiencing electrolytic corrosion.
Designed to accept a wide range of electrodes diameters, the BR-20 Welding Stinger meets Mil-H-865D and is Approved for Navy Use (ANU).

Cutting with Broco

Depth in feet O2 Delivery Pressure Setting (PSI) (3/8" ID hose) Current Setting (amps) for cable size
1/0 2/0 3/0
100 145 152 150 150
150 172 155 152 150
200 199 157 154 152
250 226 159 156 154
300 254 161 158 156

Safe and Easy to Use

While other equipment may require as much as 500 amps to cut, the Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting System uses only oxygen and a maximum of 150 amps. In fact, the Ultrathermic Cutting Rods readily ignites from a spark generated by a 12 or 24 volt auto marine battery. The rod will continue to burn with electrical current removed until the flow of oxygen is stopped or the rod is consumed.
The need for expensive supports equipment is reduced while a safer diving environment is maintained. The recommended oxygen working pressure of 90 psi over bottom economizes oxygen consumption.

Broco Underwater Products are manufactured in the U.S. and marketed in the Middle East, Iran & the Sub Continent by AKBAR TRADERS LLC., Dubai.

Akbar Traders LLC. Offers additional diving products and services to the diving and underwater contracting communities. Contact Akbar Traders for more information on:

  • Victor Hi flow oxygen regulator SR700E
  • Victor Oxygen regulator SR450D
  • Knife Switches
  • Splash zone protection epoxies
  • 3M Underwater hull maintenance & propeller polishing discs
  • Duct tapes
  • SS Carabineer clips
  • Polypropylene & Manila ropes
  • Underwater Light Sticks
  • Dual banana plugs
  • Underwater welding gloves
  • Bungee cord & shocker hooks
  • WR Thorpe Pipe pit gauge
  • SS Feeler gauge 500mm
  • Lead weights
  • Zinc Anodes & bars
  • Electrical Silicone Compounds
  • Magnetic Tools
  • Underwater cutting cable 70mm sq. x 100 mtr
  • Air oxygen hose 3/8” ID for gun 100 mtr Italy 20 bar / 300 PSI Alfagomma Italy
  • Swivel Brass connectors
  • Copper Cable lugs 70mm
  • Earth Clamp 600 amp
  • Welding Machine 400 amps
  • Oxygen Cylinder 240 cu ft with cylinder 70cfm
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